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Textiles Recycling Plants

Why Textiles Recycling Plants Are Vital For The Future Of the Industry

What Are Textiles Recycling Plants?

The textile industry is worth over US $ 1,040 billion, yet as little as 15% of the textiles produced are recycled. As people are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their actions, more and more businesses are addressing industry waste.

The textile industry has a long way to go. But, textiles recycling plants are becoming increasingly popular.

In the simplest form textiles are recycled simply by depositing them in clothes banks and the clothes are then reused. But, the key to improving the recycling of textiles is to invest in dedicated textiles recycling plants which can use a variety of processes to assist with the recycling:

  • Mechanical

Mechanical recycling means sorting all the textiles using machines to separate them into material types and then colors. The items can then be shredded to retrieve the fibers which can then be re-used.

  • Chemical

In some cases adding chemicals to the mix is the only way to break down the fibers and allow new material to be created from the old. This process is not frequently used yet but research is continuing to ensure more textiles can be recycled.

Important Environmental Factors

While textile recycling plants are helping to reduce the number of natural resources used and dumped in landfills, there are issues that need to be considered. The most important of these is the quality of the air in recycling plants.

With so many materials being shredded and chemicals being used, it is inevitable that pollutants will end up in the atmosphere. This can be harmful to the planet and to the workers in the factory.

The solution is to use high-quality air conditioning systems, ironically relying on nonwoven filters, to remove the contaminants and make the working environment safe.

Finding The Right Filtration System

Choosing the right air filtration system is easier than you think. Simply speak to the experts, Emmebi Impianti. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry and are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and then installing the very latest developments in effective air engineering.






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