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Air Conditioning For Nonwovens: Everything You Need To Know

Understanding Why The Right Air Conditioning For Nonwovens Is Essential

Emmebi Impianti: air conditioning for nonwovensIf you are looking for specialized air conditioning for nonwovens then you need a company that you can trust. Emmebi Impianti is an Italian firm with over 20 years of experience handling international customer needs.

They produce air conditioning systems, appliances that improve air quality, and even humidification equipment. Alongside this, they offer dust and waste collection machines. In short, everything that you could need to improve the air quality in your premises. It is time you found out how they can help you.

Understanding Nonwoven Fabrics

Nonwoven fibers are not knitted or woven, they are fabrics bonded together by entangling the fibers or filaments. This can be done through a mechanical process or using chemicals. They are used in a variety of everyday products, such as feminine hygiene products, geotextiles, insulation, protective clothing, packaging, soft furnishings, and, of course, face masks.

Understanding how bonded fibers are formed helps you to understand why dedicated air conditioning is essential.

  • Dry-Laid

When utilizing the dry-laid technique, nonwoven fibers are bonded via hot air being injected between the layers, allow the fibers to merge.

  • Wet-Laid

When you use the wet-laid technique the fabric fibers are mixed with a chemical. This acts like a glue and sticks the fibers together. The fabric is laid out flat to dry.

  • Direct Spun

The alternative is to spin the fibers while the solvent is sprayed onto them. This bonds them without the need to lay them flat.

Why Air Conditioning For Nonwovens Is Essential

The key to bonding nonwoven fabrics properly is to have a clean environment and to carefully monitor the temperature. This ensures the bonding process completes properly and the product can be created to the high standards that most manufacturers need.

The simplest way to control these environmental variables is to use industrial air conditioning for nonwovens. This ensures the optimum conditions are met for top-quality products.

Considering nonwovens are an essential part of modern life, it is important to get the production process right. You need to speak to Emmebi Impianti today!






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