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Air humidification for textile companies

Everything You Need To Know About Air Humidification For Textile Companies

Introducing Emmebi Impianti

Emmebi Impianti: Air humidification for textile companiesIf you have ever been involved in the textile industry you will appreciate that controlling the air during textile production is essential. This is something that Emmebi Impianti, an Italian company with over 20 years of experience, understands well.

The company is dedicated to researching and developing the best possible techniques for environmental control during the production process. It is worth talking to them as you are certain to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Why Air Humidification For Textile Companies Is Important

You may not realize it but textiles, both woven and nonwoven, are very sensitive to air and humidity levels when they are being produced.

  • Air Quality

The air we breathe every day is not as pure as you may think, there is an array of contaminants that can be in the air and these can affect the ability of textiles to bond together. Contaminants in the production process can weaken the strength and integrity of the bond. This causes it to be less durable and may not even be capable of the task it was designed for.

But, it isn’t just the production that is affected by air quality. The process adds pollutants to the air and these can be consumed by the staff, potentially causing health issues in the future.

  • Humidity

Humidity, or the level of moisture in the air, can be a serious issue for the textile industry. If the air is too dry the fabrics will tear as they lose their elasticity. This can clog the machines causing lengthy delays and loss of production. Any fabric produced will not reach your usual quality standards

Solutions To Ensure Air Humidification For Textile Companies

The good news is that the solution is easier than you think. Chat to Emmebi Impianti today about the latest developments in air filtration and humidity systems. They can help you by designing, manufacturing, and then installing the perfect solution for your production process.

The quality and productiveness of your facility can increase with the right system!






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