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Dust filtration aerial textile dust

The Importance Of Dust Filtration To Prevent Aerial Textile Dust

Aerial textile dust cannot usually be seen with the naked eye. It is a byproduct of the textile production process. There are several techniques used in textile production:

  • Unwoven

Unwoven textiles are those that are not inter-wound when formed. Instead, they are bonded using chemicals or hot air. This provides fabrics that are great for breathability and filtering specific compounds. Unfortunately, this type of textile is not generally as strong as woven.

  • Woven

Woven textiles are interlocked while being produced. This procedure makes them strong; durable, and practical for many applications.

In both cases, pollutants are created during the manufacturing process. These pollutants enter the air as aerial textile dust. Although invisible, it can affect the quality of future textile bonding and can have a detrimental effect on staff health.

In short, the aerial textile dust needs to be eliminated.

How Dust Filtration Helps

Dust filtration is simply the name given to the system that extracts these contaminants from the air and ensures the production process and staff health are looked after.

The process of dust filtration is usually combined with an air conditioning/heating system. This allows you to control the temperature as well as the air quality within your factory. It is the most effective way of ensuring high-quality textiles which will help your business reputation and ultimately your bottom line.

Of course, it can be difficult to decide what dust filtration system will be most effective when dealing with large open factory spaces. Fortunately, you can get assistance.

Getting The Right Assistance

The key to implementing the right dust filtration system to eliminate aerial textile dust is to use the services of a company with over 20 years of experience. Emmebi Impianti is just such a company. Based in Italy it serves the international community and focuses on designing, manufacturing, and installing the latest technology to improve air quality and production efficiency.

It is worth chatting with them today, you will be surprised at how much difference the right dust filtration system can make to your business.






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