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Air Engineering For Nonwovens Industry

Why Air Engineering For Nonwovens Industry Is An Essential To Your Success

Air engineering sounds highly technical applying it to any industry can be a complex matter. But, the premise behind air engineering isn’t. In essence, it involves controlling the air quality in a given space, such as your nonwovens production facility.

The aim is to create the perfect environment for the production of your textiles, allowing you to generate a reputation for high quality. That helps when you are establishing or growing your business.

Air Engineering For Nonwovens Industry Uncovered

Nonwoven fabrics are, by definition, fabrics that are not woven during the creation process. Instead, the fabrics are simply bonded or felted together. There are several options when considering bonding nonwoven fabrics:

  • Wet-laid Bonding

Wet bonding involves adding a solvent to the fibers, allowing them to bond together in a similar fashion to glue. This is the best way to get strong nonwoven textiles. However, the material should be allowed to dry flat to create the best bond possible.

This type of bonding is essential when you want material for air filters, face masks, and other types of filtration.

  • Dry-laid Bonding

In contrast, dry-bonding doesn’t use any solvents. Instead, hot air is directed between the fabrics, heating them and encouraging them to fuse together.

  • Spun Bonding

Spun bonding involves the fibers being spun while they are merged together. This is actually one of the most popular options.

The most important factor in all these processes is to control the temperature and the air quality. You can’t afford contaminants getting into the mixture and these are most likely to come from the surrounding air.

It is, therefore, essential to control the air by utilizing the best available air engineering techniques.

Getting Help With Air Engineering For Nonwovens

If you want to ensure you have the best possible air quality you need to speak to experts in the industry. Fortunately, Emmebi Impianti is here to help. The company has over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing the latest technology in air engineering and air filtration system.

Contact them today, you can’t be in better hands.






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